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Since 2017, Poolin has been providing stable and reliable mining services to miners for many years. POOLIN MINER STORE is a cryptocurrency miner trading platform established by Poolin.
With an existing data center in North America, POOLIN MINER STORE is able to provide a completed solution in terms of equipment transportation, warehousing, parts supply, and power distribution support.
With an experienced team in the field, POOLIN MINER STORE is committed to providing you with convenient, efficient, safe and secure one-stop mining equipment procurement services.
With a strong cooperation relationship with major ASIC manufacturers, POOLIN MINER STORE possesses a large number of first-hand miner resources.
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How do I order through the website?
We will reach out to you as soon as possible after receiving your request form, and communicate with you regarding your purchase intention.
How do I confirm the actual price of the product?
As the price of the product fluctuates in real time, the price quoted at the moment of payment shall be taken.
Whether the price including shipping costs and taxes?
The shipping costs, cutsoms charges, and taxes (if any) are not included in the retail price shown.
What payment methods are accepted?
How the delivery of products will be arranged?
The delivery could be arranged by our platform, or customers also have the option to contact the third party logistics for transportation.
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