100% Tested

Our immersion cooling solution has been thoroughly tested for over a year at Poolin mining facilities so there’s no need to stress over untested hardware.

Save more with Poolin Management Platform (PMP)

Simplify the way you manage and maintain mining equipment with Poolin’s miner management software which is offered to all immersion cooling clients.

Customization to fit any need

From small projects to large, we have fully customizable warehouse and containerized solutions that can fit your needs.
Services Provided
Project Design and Planning
Equipment and Material Procurement
System Installation Guidance
Testing and Deployment
Onboarding to Poolin Smart Software

Lower Operating Expenses With Poolin Immersion Cooling

  • 10-20%overclocking capacity
  • 5%increase in energy savings
  • 40% longer life expectancy for miners
  • 60-70% lower maintenance costs
  • 90% reduction in noise
Cost Savings Calculator

Total Annual Savings


Annual Maintenance Cost Savings



Annual Electricity Bill Savings



Frequently Asked Questions

How is immersion cooling more efficient than air cooling?
Immersion liquid is 1000x more efficient at heat transfer than traditional air cooling.
Overheating issues due to contaminants such as dust and water are also reduced.
How many miners can fit in this solution?
A single tank can hold 33 ASIC miners (S19j Pros). A standard module consists of six tanks equaling a capacity of 198 miners.
What is the lifespan of the immersion equipment?
The stainless-steel composition of Poolin Immersion Cooling tanks and piping is designed to last over 15 years.
Can I purchase the PMP Software separately?
At this time, we are only offering PMP software access to immersion cooling clients.
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