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Mining Profit Estimate
Update on: 2019-05-19
Those data are calculated based on actual hashrate and power consumption provided by customers.

Higher Mining Profit More Stable Pool System Better Operation Service
Smart Hashrate Alarm Customized Minimum Payment Convenient Watcher Mode
Miner Profit List Measured Miner Data Display Settlement in BTC


What is the minimum payout amount for each currency?

Bitcoin: 0.001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash: 0.01 BCH
BSV: 0.01 BSV
ZCash: 0.01 ZEC
Litecoin: 0.01 LTC
Electroneum: 200 ETN
Decred: 0.01 DCR
Dash: 0.005 DASH
Monero: 1 XMR
PIN: 100

All currencies support custom threshold. The above thresholds are default settings.

Why do my mining earnings keep fluctuating?

Fluctuating mining earnings are usually a result of increased difficulty and unstable elements in mines.

1) Increased difficulty: difficulty is adjusting regularly and in general climbing up. It’s normal for earnings to drop if the hashrate keeps the same;

2) Unstable elements in mines: during mining, there may be some cases of power outage, network out of service and unstable network connection in mines. All those will lead to dropping earnings;

3) If it’s Poolin that lead to your dropping earnings, we will generally compensate an amount higher than your losses.

Why do I still not receive my mining earnings?

Payout is made once a day. We pay out yesterday earnings (UTC 0:00-24:00) at around UTC 2:00-4:00. Please go to pool’s earning page to check payment status.

Payment Status
  • Paid: we’ve completed payout to your address. Please check in your wallet or exchange or wait for transactions to be confirmed;
  • Pending: we’ll pay to your address in the day. Please kindly wait;
  • Save to balance: your earnings are temporarily saved on pool due to reasons like address on the process of becoming valid, not reaching minimum payout amount or not setting withdraw address. Please set address or kindly wait.

What’s PIN? And how to get PIN?

PIN, Poolin Miner Token, is a token issued by Poolin and is the proof of stake in Poolin community. It will be distributed to core builders (miners and mining-related practitioners) of Poolin through a reasonable mechanism. Wallets support PIN include Bixin, Bitpie, imToken, and Exchange supports PIN includes ( and KKEX (
Customers who are mining any currency in Poolin and have set PIN address can get PIN bonus, generally in the following two cases:
1) Mining in Poolin, Get PIN Bonus: the higher mining profit you have, the more PIN you will get;
2) PIN Red Packet: you can get a random amount of PIN red packet every day.
  • High Earnings

    With ultra-low mining fee and rejection rate, miners can get higher actual earnings in Poolin.

  • Secure & Stable

    The professional and experienced engineering team, who has set up the world’s top bitcoin mining pool, keeps moving on and has been providing a better, more secure and more stable multi-currency mining pool.

  • Professional Service

    The operation team is specialized in cryptocurrency and keeps providing professional one-station service for customers. Besides, we are a team willing to share. Customers can always get more in our mining lectures or other activities.