Poolin Mining Pool

Making the World A Better Place Through Decentralization

Smart Tools

  • Smart Proxy

    Data consumption will be significantly saved as the mining rig increases, which makes the management more efficient.

  • Transaction Acceleration

    Prioritize your transactions,
    Accelerating transaction confirmation.

  • Mining Return Calculator

    Mining return,
    Days to break-even,
    Just a click away.

  • Smart Power Protection

    Multiple power consumption modes;
    Auto-switch enabled;
    Ensuring the safety of
    electricity consuming devices.

Poolin Mining Pool App

Monitor Your Mining Data While You Are On the Go


Key Features

  • Hashrate Transferring
    Making Mining More Flexible

    Hashrate can be transferred between different sub-accounts to meet client's need of hashrate rental, transfer & sale. It provides flexible hashrate distribution for all kinds of hashrate providers, as well as miners who are partners in mining.

  • Merged Mining
    Making Mining More Profitable

    Merged Mining allows miners to mine multiple coins at the same time. This allows miners to not only mine Bitcoin or Litecoin, but also get extra bonus to increase mining revenue (Poolin gives out VCash, Namecoin and Dogecoin as extra bonus and can be automatically settle into Bitcoin).

  • Smart Mining
    Unlocking the Potential of Hashrate

    The software could intelligently calculate and switch the hashrate to the most profitable coin for higher mining revenue.

Why Choose Poolin Mining Pool?

  • Top Security

    Top Security

    Multi-level risk management system;
    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA);
    Customized watcher permission.

  • Higher Revenue

    Higher Revenue

    FPPS reward system;
    Smart mining & merged mining enabled for extra bonus.

  • Open & Transparent

    Open & Transparent

    Timely settlement;
    Transaction on-chain traceability;
    Clear & easy-to-use dashboard;
    Hashrate alarm enabled;
    Real-time push of mining revenue;
    Monthly mining report subscription.

  • Strong Network

    Strong Network

    Global distributed servers;
    Low reject rate;
    Quality maintenance service.

  • Professional Team

    Professional Team

    Team was formed by professionals from top Internet & Blockchain companies;
    24/7 quality customer service.

  • Brand Mutuality

    Brand Mutuality

    Poolin Finance;
    No payment threshold for receiving mining revenue;
    Poolin Data Center:
    Various powerful software supported.


Poolin Mining Pool Fees and Reward System for Different Coins, Respectively:

BTC: 2.5%, FPPS; BCH: 4%, PPS; BSV: 3%, PPS; LTC: 3%, PPS; DASH: 2%, PPS; ETH: 1%, PPLNS; ZEC: 3%, PPS; DCR: 3%, PPS; CKB: 1%, PPS.

Poolin Mining Pool Payment Threshold for Different Coins, Respectively:

Bitcoin: 0.005 BTC; ZCash: 0.01 ZEC; Litecoin: 0.01 LTC; Ravencoin: 1 RVN; Ethereum: 0.1 ETH; Decred: 0.01 DCR; Dash: 0.005 DASH; Bitcoin Cash: 0.01 BCH; VCash: 0.1 VCash; Namecoin: 0.001 NMC; Doge: 500 DOGE.

Why Didn’t I Receive the Payment?

If you do not receive mining revenue, please check the following possibilities first:
a. Whether the payment address is set;
b. Whether the payment address has been changed in the last 48-72 hours;
c. Whether the balance of mining revenue has reached the payment threshold;
d. Have you filled in the Payment ID (only available for some coins, e.g. XMC, XMR, ETN, etc.);
e. If the mining pool is making a payment to you.

How to Set Up the Payment Address?

Setting Up the Payment Address When Creating the Sub-Account
Through the Poolin Website:
Poolin.com – Create a Sub-Account – Set up the Sub-Account Name – Set up the Default Coin- Enter the Payment Address;

Why Mining Returns Fluctuate or Decrease?

1)Changes in Hashrate: The output of mining is a volatile process. The factors of electricity, network connection and mining machine operation status will influence the hashrate greatly, resulting in changes in mining revenue.
2)Difficulty Estimated: The difficulty of cryptocurrency mining will be adjusted after a certain interval on a regular basis. Overall difficulty has a tendency to increase. It is common for a mining machine to have reduced mining revenue with constant hashrate outputs.

Why Does the Miner Background Hashrate Show a Different Hashrate than the one Displayed by Poolin Mining Pool?

1)Different Update Periods of Miner Status and Dashboard
Basically, mining pools and miners update their hashrate differently. The real-time hashrate displayed by Poolin Mining Pool are the average hashrate of the last 15 minutes, while other mining pool calculations vary within 10-30 minutes. In contrast, the miner's mining machines shows a hashrate that is refreshed every 5 seconds. As a result, the two terminals show different hashrate data. In the case of the normal circumstance, the difference in data between the two terminals is not too great. However, when the hashrate fluctuates significantly due to the mining machine or other external reasons, the difference between the two data can be particularly large.

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