Make the World A Better Place Through Decentralization

About Us

As an industry-leading global enterprise, Poolin ( is committed to building the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy and becoming a one-stop solution provider of blockchain technology services. We provide the highest quality infrastructure solutions, software management systems, financial products and services, and provide top one-stop cloud computing services to customers around the world.

Poolin is actively building a highly diversified blockchain ecosystem to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions to our global customers. Our business includes: the development of digital currency software systems (Blockchain Explorer, cloud computing task issuance processor, cloud computing data storage system, etc.) and including blockchain infrastructure services (the development and construction of global intelligent data center). At the same time, since its inception, Poolin has been actively developing and pioneering blockchain technology products and has incubated its own brands such as Poolin Mining Pool (ranked #1 in the world by BTC/LTC/ZEC hashrate), Poolin Financial (operated by Poolin Singapore), Poolin Date Center, and Poolin Mining Investment. Since its inception, Poolin has focused on the development of blockchain technology applications and asset digitization and has been actively contributing to the blockchain ecosystem based on its two core competencies of "blockchain technology" and "financial technology".

As an industry-leading global company and multinational team, Poolin vision is to recruit cutting-edge talent to influence future blockchain technology innovation. The core members of Poolin are all blockchain industry veterans, early investors and pioneers with more than 7 years of experience, who have worked in major global blockchain technology companies and have a wealth of resources in the digital currency industry, and have graduated from the University of Chicago, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Renmin University of China and other top universities in the world.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Poolin has independent offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Changsha, China, Berlin, Germany, and Singapore.

Our Vision

Make the World A Better Place Through Decentralization

Committed to building a more prosperous blockchain ecosystem, Poolin continues to expand the technological boundaries of blockchain to create the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy and make the world more efficient, convenient, secure and better because of blockchain technology.

Our Mission

Become a Blockchain All-ecological Comprehensive Service Platform.

Poolin embraces the tide of digital economy in the changing times, adheres to technology-driven, constantly improves the industry layout, accelerates technology and efficiency innovation, and provides users with multi-dimensional, diversified and all-round blockchain ecological integrated services.

Our Management Team

Kevin Pan

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

He is a senior practitioner in the digital currency industry and a well-known developer in the industry. Worked in Baidu,, and other superb Chinese internet companies, engaged in stream computing, anti-cheating system and big data processing. He has been a senior technical developer in the cryptocurrency industry for more than 7 years, and has participated in the design and development of products including Blockchain Explorer, supercomputing server (mining machine), cloud computing task issuance processor (mining pool), digital currency wallet, etc. He has also worked in the first-class technology development of digital currency industry. Kevin has a deep understanding and research on bitcoin source code technology, and open-sourced the mining pool source code in 2016, which greatly reduced the entry barrier of bitcoin mining pool development and promoted the decentralization of hashrate. In 2018, in order to support the bitcoin open-source community, as the CEO of Poolin, Kevin initiated and organized Hardcore.Fund, a non-profit fund that aims to promote the development of the community and make greater contributions to the bitcoin ecosystem. As the founder of Poolin, Kevin is responsible for the company overall strategy and the design and development of the underlying technical architecture of the blockchain.

Terry Li

Chief Technology Officer | Co-founder

Senior cryptocurrency Research & Development engineer, well-known developer in the industry, with more than 7 years of cryptocurrency industry development experience. Worked in Baidu, Bitmain, and other top-tier internet companies at both domestic and international. He is an expert in building blockchain network architecture and has rich development experience. As the co-founder of Poolin, Terry is in charge of the core development of Poolin’s software products, leading the technology development of Poolin and the technical layout of blockchain.

Alejandro D.L.T

Vice President, Global Commercial

Digital currency industry leader, rich experience in cryptocurrency mining pools and wallet operations, with more than 5 years of experience in cryptocurrency industry market development. He used to work in Blocktrail, Bitmain, and other international famous blockchain teams. Now as the Vice President of Global Business of Poolin, he is responsible for the global market strategy and brand promotion of Poolin cryptocurrency mining pool and wallet department.

Yuki Sun

Principal Adviser, Poolin Mining Investment

Chief Executive Officer of, US, cryptocurrency industry veteran. Bachelor of Management from the University of Surrey, UK, Master of Marketing from Durham University, UK, served as COO of a US listed company, global strategy consultant of a Korean listed company. Rich digital currency industry resources and precise industry insights, with over 4 years of experience in global strategic operations in the cryptocurrency industry. Yuki has rich experience and deep understanding of blockchain industry technology, AI data center construction and operation, and mining pool operation and management. Now as the Chief Advisor of the Poolin Mining Investment, Yuki is responsible for the construction and operation of the Poolin Mining Investment and the layout and expansion of global business.

Ken Liu

Chief Operating Officer, Poolin Mining Pool

As a senior practitioner of digital currency mining pool, Kang was awarded the title of "Best Mining Operations Officer" and "Top 10 Global Mining Operations Officer". He has excellent industry insights and industry data analysis capabilities. As the Chief Operating Officer of Poolin Mining Pool, he is in charge of the design and construction of mining operation system. Moreover, Kang is committed to promoting diversified expansion and brand promotion of Poolin Mining Pool.

Molly Zhang

Chief Operating Officer, Poolin Mining Pool

As a senior practitioner of digital currency mining pool, Molly has rich experience in operating multi-currency mining pool. She was awarded the title of Users Favorite Brand Officer of Mining Pool. Now as the Chief Operating Officer of Poolin Mining Pool, she is responsible for users support and brand shaping & promotion of mining pool and is dedicated to creating ultimate user experience of Poolin Mining Pool worldwide.

YG Gao

Chief Executive Officer, Poolin Data Center

YG has rich experience in data center construction, operation and maintenance who is the pioneer of "Data Center Designing Refinement" and "Scientific Operation & Maintenance". He is the chief designer of ATDC (High-tech Data Center) in Poolin. He has a master degree in engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has worked for a leading blockchain technology company with a deep understanding of the digital currency cloud computing industry.

Nicholas Feng

Chief Operating Officer, Poolin Data Center

Nicolas has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry, specializing in data center research and cloud computing solution design. As a serial entrepreneur, Nicolas has worked as COO for several Fortune 100 companies. Now as the COO of Poolin Data Center, he is responsible for leading Poolin’s designing and mining strategy on cloud computing services.

Jacky Yang

Chief Business Officer, Poolin Finance

Jacky is a senior practitioner in cryptocurrency industry and was once awarded "Top 100 Business Officer in Digital Currency Industry". Jacky used to work as the regional head of Wei Ning Health, a listed company, and as the chief analyst of several SSE exchanges, with outstanding business insights and industry experience. Now as the CBO of Poolin Finance, Jacky leads the deployment and product design of the core financial strategy.

Qian Xiong

Chief Operating Officer, Poolin Finance

Qian is a senior practitioner in the field of digital currency finance, focusing on financial services in digital currency industry. He graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong and has worked for a number of well-known securities companies and financial companies, including CITIC Securities (Hong Kong HQ), and has unique insights into the financialization of digital assets. As the COO of Poolin Finance, he is committed to driving the global business development and branding of Poolin Financial Services.
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